I’ll help you create your best life

• Achieve greater mental, physical, and spiritual balance

• Break through limiting barriers in your professional career

• Reclaim your sense of strength and confidence

• Move closer into alignment with your sense of purpose

• Build stronger, more lasting romantic connections

• Reframe your relationship with money

• Connect more deeply with friends, family, and community

“Peter is heart centered with a deep desire to support founders in making hard decisions that best support their vision and mission.”

— Lucas K., New York

“A special human and a tremendous coach, Peter worked with me for six months through the beginnings of a marriage and a new artist career. His help dramatically and rapidly improved the trajectory of my life.”

— Will R., Los Angeles

“Peter delivered the single most powerful hands-on healing I’ve ever experienced. Something that had been stored up in my system for decades - something I didn’t even know was there - he helped me release without a single exchange of words. He just knew.”

— Dominick Q., New York


The Process

Our work begins with a pro bono coaching session, either in person or via videoconference, to identify your goals for a more fulfilled life. Once we determine that we are a solid fit for each other, we'll develop a plan for achieving those goals and take immediate action.

The time commitment for our work starts at three months, and can be up to one year depending on our desired outcomes. Significant energetic investment is required, and I will hold us both accountable for our continued progress.

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My Story

After a decade of working in investment banks and hedge funds, I’d achieved the professional goals I’d set for myself. And yet I’d found my success to be unfulfilling. I’d become overly materialistic, my sense of empathy was close to nonexistent, and I hadn’t felt love or connection in years. And rather than face my internal struggles, I was numbing myself with alcohol. I was out of alignment and lost in a place of deep suffering, and I knew I required a dramatic change.

Over the following years I studied several modalities to deepen my connection to myself and others, move into alignment with my core values, and identify and clear self-imposed limitations. I am grateful to have worked with several incredible teachers and am honored to share their methods along with my gifts to best serve my clients.


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